Serket Bent: a mix for Vriska Serket

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This could happen to you.

Dinosaurs (Bonobo)


Crank (Catherine Wheel)

Love my superstitious games
Run circles ‘round my 8rain
While I’m left smiling.
I love to steal this living steam
My head in someone’s dream
I’m tired of sleeping. 

The Walk (Imogen Heap)

It’s not meant to 8EEEEEEEE LIKE THIS
Not what I planned at all
I don’t want to feel like this,
So that makes it all
Your fault. 

Wait for the Summer (Yeasayer)

I will wait a year
No one starts to hear an accidental fall
And they won’t suspect a thing at all. ::::)

Ceremony (New Order)

I’ll 8reak them all, no mercy shown
Heaven knows it’s got to 8e this time.

In Your Nature (Zola Jesus) 

If it’s in your nature you’ll never win.

Lucky (Shara Worden: Radiohead cover)

I’m on a roll
I’m on a roll
This time I feel my luck could change.

Ashes in the Snow (Mono)


Grizelda (Yeasayer)

I know, I know, I know every hour of the day
There’s a whisper inside of her 8rain
Telling me who to kill, telling me who will live

I’d do what she says, son, I’d do what you will
I’d do what you say and I’d do what you will
I’d do it again, again, again, again

On Battleship Hill (PJ Harvey)

The scent of thyme carried on the wind
Stings my face into remembering
Cruel nature has won again. 

Album art courtesy of numbersalad.
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