Early comet sightings 

  1. The Halley’s comet on Bayeux Tapestry, made in the 1070s 
  2. People gazing at a comet that appeared in 1264, from Nuova Cronica, a 14th century history of Florence created in a year-by-year linear format by Giovanni Villani
  3. The Luzerner Schilling, published in 1513, depicting a pass of Halley’s Comet in 1456
  4. Fall of the Ensisheim Meteorite in 1492, from Luzerner Schilling, 1513


"…Tis but a scratch!"

This is pure awesomeness!

“…we become locked into a politics of recognition rather than a politics of liberation. We are left with a political project that can do no more than imagine a kinder, gentler settler state founded on genocide and slavery.”

Andrea Smith (via commiekinkshamer)

Geek Girl Con is an oasis of acceptance


I didn’t feel safe going into Geek Girl Con. Hours earlier, Game developer Brianna Wu had tweeted about the threats she’d received, about calling the police, about sleeping somewhere else.

Just thinking about it made it hard to sleep. The next day, I was almost late to game critic Anita…

I went to the New England Aquarium yesterday. It was refreshingly not crowded because it was a Monday.

10-21 / 8:21

Yesterday at the aquarium.

10-21 / 8:19


"Bro, I’m Telling You, The Date Was Going Well, And Then She Straight Up Turned Into A Latias."


Salomé Illustration for the play by Oscar Wilde by Marcus Behmer, 1897


Marinestück,1906, Hugo Schnars-Alquist


FAVORITE OPENINGS  → Neon Genesis Evangelion -  Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis

vincecarters grainy enough??

The rings of summer are passing
into the autumn dusk;
faint wings beat on windows;
there is a rustling under the bricks.

The last light is snaking
along the damn clay;
in its mouth are pomegranates;
its tail is a whip.

Wet night is varnished hell
in this strange town;
Door jambs sprout like trophies;
gargoyles hang from the bricks.

Across the walls of day,
night death has swelled.
As curious as a spectator,
it could not keep away.

d.l.w. smith, new town. (via black-poetry)