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Classism at Oberlin College


There have been some [pretty drastic] changes to Oberlin College’s financial aid policy. These changes were made without consultation, and were implemented without any kind of warning or notice to the students, as well. Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA) is a student-run organization which provides lower cost dining and housing to Oberlin students. Previously, being in OSCA (or opting for a cheaper meal plan) didn’t affect a student’s financial aid package. Now, if a student opts to live/dine in OSCA or even picks a less expensive meal plan from the college, their bill will be increased. If a student opts to live off campus (which I can say from living in Oberlin during the summer, is MUCH less expensive), their bill will be increased INDETERMINATELY.


Last night (Wednesday April 9, 2014) students convened over Facebook and other outlets to organize, and that night we planned to peacefully protest outside of the president’s office at 4:15 on Thursday April 10. This morning (Thursday April 10, 2014), Oberlin’s ResEd sent out an e-mail saying what changes were made. Note that this e-mail was sent AFTER student’s caught wind of these changes, and started gathering around the issue.  

This is an outrage for several reasons: One, these policies were implemented without warning, and without discussion. These policies are drastically influencing the cost of going here, and for THE VAST MAJORITY OF US, THE COST OF ATTENDANCE IS PRETTY DAMN CRITICAL IN DETERMINING WHETHER OR NOT WE ARE ABLE TO GO HERE. If students hadn’t caught wind and started organizing, when the hell was this institution going to tell us that these policies were being implemented???? This complete lack of transparency is unacceptable. 

Two, these policy changes target the main options that students have for making Oberlin more affordable. For many students at Oberlin, living and dining in OSCA, living off-campus, and/or cheaper meal plans are the only way they’d be able to afford coming here. These changes are multiple steps back in terms of Oberlin’s accessibility (which already leaves something to be desired), and enforces the notion the academia should only be accessed by those who are wealthy.

I ask that you spread this far and wide. This is not the first time Oberlin College has implemented blatantly classist policies without consulting or informing the student body. This institution WILL be held responsible, and these travesties will NOT be covered up.   


A Hijabi as Little Red Riding Hood

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“The sweet small clumsy feet of April came
into the ragged meadow of my soul.”

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Costume Design for Ganna Walska in “Rigoletto”





I never knew how true and realistic and non-exaggerated this episode was until I went to college.

Do you know why all the world hates a Lannister? You think your gold and your lions and your gold lions make you better than everyone. May I tell you a secret? You’re not a golden lion; you’re just a pink little man who’s far too slow on the draw.


Morning Glories

Hodō Nishimura



(detail) John Keats, by William Hilton (died 1839)